Henry McGrane


Henry McGrane is an artist inspired by nature. This is reflected by his many scenes of rural life.

His landscapes of cattle grazing capture the peace and tranquillity and at time magical imaginary, that reflects well the rich landscapes and lush pastures of his homeland in Co. Meath. His keen powers of observation can capture many rural scenes that are fast disappearing; yet he has managed to capture then in his paintings. His ouvre is not limited to outdoor scenes. His work can be intensely personal yet versatile as can be seen in his large works of the human figure and more recent still life studies. Of course, this work did not happen by chance.

Born in 1969, Henry started his successful career, having studied art in Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design. He started working with O'Sullivan Bluth Animation in Dublin. He went to Phoenix, Arizona in 1995, where he worked for 20th Century Fox Studios. He furthered his career whilst in Arizona by studying oil painting under the tuition of renowned artist Joshua Fallik. This then inspired him to study portraiture under the famous American painter Diane Leonard.

Having gained experience in most aspects of painting, Henry left the United States in 2000 and went to Norway for one year. Having gained extensive knowledge on the international scene, he returned to Ireland where he started to paint earnest. He currently spends much of his time in Andalucia, Spain.

Henry has gradually made a name for himself in art circles in Ireland, United Kingdom and United States, where his paintings are much sought after.