Shane Holland


After graduating from NCAD/UL in 1989 as an industrial designer I was hired as a part time technician in NCAD in the wood, metal and plastics workshops of the industrial design department (1989-1996). In 1991, I established my studio in Dublin 1 working on models, prototypes for film, industry awards, lighting and furniture projects.
In the intervening years I have worked on hundreds of professional projects for clients in Ireland, UK, Germany, France, UAE, Russia and the USA.
In my studio career of nearly 30 years I have been fortunate to collaborate with scores of architects, artists, corporate clients, domestic clients, bars, churches, hotels, hairdressing salons, healthcare facilities and film productions.
I have found that my personal interests and beliefs have influenced my sculptural and artistic works. I have great respect for the environment, not wasting and chose to reuse and repurpose discarded waste were possible. I care deeply for the importance of tradition and heritage whilst always embracing the use of technology to aid in the creation of works.
I have a strong interest in history, the construction of events and the legends and myths that can emerge from the interpretation of these events. I feel that by engaging with all background stories I can take a rounded analysis into my design and sculptural pieces.
My ethos is to try to create items of beauty and drama which are built to last and incorporate lighting when the opportunity arises. I always wish to use a diverse palette of materials in my projects, always striving to find the correct choices for the use.
The pieces I have submitted for exhibition were all a response to the lockdown period during Covid-19. I had the opportunity to be alone in the workshop and reflect on my time there. While sorting through the odd bits and ends that have been strewn about for years in my workshop, I was inspired to create 'timecapsule-esque or categorical' pieces from what I found. Each piece tells a different story, a unique view on the same space during a very strange time.