Sinéad Keogh


Sinéad Keogh is an emerging multimedia performance installation artist with a MA in Fine – Art from NCAD (National College of Art and Design) in Dublin. Through the use of synesthetic installation, the artist balances ideologies of intensification of the senses leading to immersive and often emotional experiences communicated through dance, character performance and synched video to sound. The core of these experiences lies between simultaneous storytelling and experimental abstraction exuding surreal fantasy. Keogh's practice undertakes conceptions of gothic resplendence, fantasy narratives, desire and gender presentation / manipulations, as a form of gender alchemy. Catalysts for Keogh's practice include the Irish landscape, Greek mythology, folklore and queer feminist histories. Keogh has had many exhibitions in Dublin institutions such as The Broadcast Gallery, IMMA, and The Lab and exhibited internationally in New York, Italy and New Zealand. Keogh has made work for festivals such as BIFPA and The Bram S oker Festival. Keogh is also the founder, director and curator of Soul Noir: Festival of the Dark Arts (2017 - present).